How I help my clients to generate 10-20 High Paying Clients Consistently Month After Month With Predictability Down To The Dollar And Day.

Do you have a great product?

Do you want to help a lot of people with what you know?

But, you might haven’t found the best way to promote your knowledge.

I break down the system that I use to help my clients generating 10-20 High Paying Clients ($1,000 and above) Consistenly Month After Month

1. Know Your Magic Number
Whenever my client asked me why they couldn’t hit their weekly or monthly income target, I always ask them this question.

“What is your Magic Number?”

“What is Magic Number?”

“Magic Number is the number of activities that you are required to do in order to achieve your goal.

For example,

If you want to make £10,000 per month. Your product price is £1,000.

So you need 10 paying customer. 

To get 10 paying customer, assuming the worst case – only 10% people that heard your offer will buy.

Then, you need to present your offer to 100 people.

100 people divided by 20 working days(in 1 month),

You need to present your offer to 5 people a day.

Have you presented your offer to 5 people a day?”

Second, you need to provide VIA – Value In Advance

Why is VIA important?

Do you agree with me if people will only buy from people that they trust?

In this case, your customer will pay you if they trust you are the one who can solve their problem. So, they will pay for your help(Service or Product).

But, the question is – how can you build trust fast?

It is by positioning.

Position yourself as an authority.

Position yourself as someone that is genuinely want to help them.

Position yourself as a giver, by providing first.

Provide VIA (Value In Advance) to build trust in the first place.

3. Help Them To Make Immediate Decision

A lot of people have desire to solve their problem. That’s why they contact you at the first place.

They know you can provide them the solution.

But, there are also uncertainties in themselves that hold them back.

Therefore, you need to take part in their decision making process. Ask them why they ask for your help at the first place, figure out what is their current situation, understand their current situation, gather the data needed and get their commitment to start Now.

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Ps. This offer won’t last long as I only work with a few clients a month.

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