It is all your fault.

It’s always easy to blame others.

And the hardest thing to do is blaming ourselves.

Who else has this kind of situation?

You are making a lot of SALES, But almost to NO PROFIT.

You are getting a lot of Customers, but you don’t know where your money goes.

You thought you need to work longer hours to make more money – but still, there is no money?

These are the truth that a lot of ‘entrepreneurs’ or business people doesn’t tell you.

Who does agree with me?

At the end of the day, business is about the money that you keep. Not the money that you make.

High Sales is not equal to High Profit.

So, how can you make more profit?

1. Increase the value of your product or serviceAs cliche as it sounds – Give more and you will get more.

But that is the truth, If you want to make more profit. you will need to offer more values – and what you will get in return is higher pay.

To be sustainable in business(and even in life, generally). You will need to give more than you receive.

That is how you can grow.

Based on my limited experience, I see that people that do well in their business and

Sustain long term in the market. They are not selfish. They give a lot of values.

And somehow in life, there is a kind of law of attraction. You will attract the kind of people who you are.

So instead of blaming others, the market, the economy and your competitor – why not ask ourselves.

“What Value Are We Providing To The Society?”

2. Solve REAL problems

This is the most crucial point in business.

You need to be ‘Customer-Focused’ above all.

Why do people buy your product or service?

Because it solves their problem.

But, what if they are not willing to pay for the price you are offering?

1. They don’t see that your product can solve their problem.

2. You are not positioning your product right to solve their problem.

So, ask yourself?

“What problem does our product or service actually solve?”

3. Follow PROVEN way to do it

How many hours, days or months that you have spent trying to make your business work?

There is a lot of ‘business advice’ out there that you might be following, but still, you can’t see a significant increase in profit.

There are 2 main possibilities:

1. The advice doesn’t fit with your current business situation.

2. You got the wrong advice.

There are such things as wrong advice.

You don’t take advice to get fit from someone who is fat.

If you are tired of working longer hours & try and error, send me a message so that I can help you to make more profit (and sales).

This is the latest update I receive from my client. Within 3 weeks she starts to work with me, she already hit 10K in sales this month and it is just on the 17th day of the month.

Comparing to their sales track record for the past 12 months, their average sales is 8K per month

The most important thing is her current profit is at more than 50%.

Continue scrolling if you like to work longer hours. Send me an email at or book a FREE Strategy Session below if you want to make more profit with the same amount of hours working.

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