The last call

I still remember the incident.

It was a few months ago, but still, it is fresh in my mind.

It was supposed to be the last video call between me & my grandmother.

I usually will video call her every Saturday morning.

But that Saturday wasn’t like any other Saturday.

I was very busy with work. I delayed the call.

That turned out the biggest mistake ever.

When I called her that night, she is not answering.

I started to feel uneasy. I know something is wrong. But, I don’t know what.

2 days went by.

I got the news that she was critical.

And that video call was supposed to be the last time that I could talk to her, but I didn’t.

Now, she is gone forever.

That’s the main reason I do business.

I want to achieve the time freedom so I can be with my love ones when I want to. I don’t want to get bounded with other stuff if my family need me during certain period.

Business is not the only way, but based on my research of those who have done it before me – business is the fastest way. Of course, there is risk not suceeding. But the downside can be managed with the right knowledge and experience.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be your experience to learn from. It can be from other people’s experience.

My definition of time freedom is time freedom that comes with financial freedom. Some people may have a lot of time, but when it comes to making financial decision – they are stuck.

Business is the best way that you can leverage on other people’s time and energy. You can build your own system & team that makes you money even while you are sleeping. All you need is the right SOP.

While you are growing your business, you are helping to provide others job as well. That’s the beauty.

Holding to my mentors’ word – “The More You Give, The More You Will Get Back”

Give values to the people around you, provide value to your team. Help people to gow together. Win-win situation

Even we need to exhale our breath before we inhale. It is a life principle.

But, why financial is so important?

The first thing to clarify, money is not everything. But, most of the thing needs money.

I am lucky because I was trained by my lovely mother to always prepare for the worst case.

So, what’s the worst thing that could happen to my life?

What if one day, my loved ones, my mom, my dad got a very chronic disease such as cancer and the only way to cure it is they need to go through a treatment in Guangzhou and costed 3 Million.

As a son, my biggest regret will be if I couldn’t do my best to serve my parents while they have done their best to raised me as good as they can.

Even there is no use of your parents still living but they are not the ticket to get you into paradise (extraction from a Hadis, if Im not mistaken).

But, if that moment is the time that I want to start collecting or building wealth – it might be too late for them.

So, are you doing the best to protect your family today?

Finance will give you the freedom that you need, when you need it. Freedom of choice.

So, does your business gives you time freedom, financial freedom and freedom of choice, yet?

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