How Ifa Amir Tax Consultancy

Win 5-Figures & 6-Figures Deal

Effortlessly, Consistently?​​

Success Stories

Ifa Amir Tax Consultancy 3X Her Income Within 60 Days Working with

2 Months Ago, Her Only Income Is From Her Full Time Job - RM 3,000

Now, Ifa Amir has Grow Her Income 333% just from her Side Hustle - Tax Planning and Accountancy Service

The Best Thing?

She can charge Premium Fees for her Tax Planning and Accounting Services.
Not just a few hundreds, but she can charge thousands per client (Premium Fee).

Before this, Ifa Amir has the problem of charging too low for her service. She hardly can see money left in her business account.


But, after working with me. She now can charge premium fees to her clients.


She now are doing less work, and earning 3X MORE


With higher fee, she can give more to her clients. She can focus only on a few premium clients and also grow her tax consultancy business properly

Now, Ifa Amir is on her way to quit her full time job as a lecturer and grow her own Tax Consultancy

Ifa Amir Was SURPRISED Because She Was Invited To Give Speech And Lecture About Tax And Reduction Strategy by Az-Zuha Group Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (They Have 7 Branches and 50 Staff & Employees).

More Success Stories

Our Private clients make RM 501,436 per month with just 2.5 staff

Why 2.5 Staff? 

Because they have 2 full time staff and need to hire 1 part-timer to support the enquiries, leads and prospects that came in (too many. to handle…)

Even During Lockdown or Movement Control Order (MCO/PKP). My Client Are Still Making Profit RM 153,929 per month

During First Month Of Lockdown or Movement Control Order (MCO/PKP). They Made RM 123,568 In Profit

This Is The Best Time To Grow Your Tax Planning, Accounting Company and Firm ONLINE

Everyone is using internet more than ever! Right Now!


If You Are Not Taking This Chance. Your Competitor Will 😉


Imtiaz make RM 68,125 (USD 16,900) within the first 30 days

Screenshot of Imtiaz’s Online Business

Imtiaz is selling to UK and USA, making US Dollar while living in Malaysia

Even He Is Just 19-Years Old. Imtiaz Can Sponsor His Parents' For Vacation

This Is Amazing For A 19-Years Old, Right ? 😉

Even While You Are Living In Malaysia, You Can Make 3X Your Profit (And Income) By Selling To Overseas

While living in Malaysia. Higher profits, cost stays the same

And They Are Expanding To The Australia Market, Soon...


Ismael From IPS Technology 2X His Profit (And Income) Within 2 Weeks

The Exzema Academy Was Invited To Mingguan Wanita (A Television Series)

Before meeting with me. They almost closed the business because they don’t know how to grow the business.


Now, they have been invited to Television series. And making public seminars around Malaysia.


They are on track to make 6-Figures (RM 100,000) per month

"The knowledge that you share is REALLY POWERFUL"

I pray and wish that you will be successful in life…

and everything will be eased for you..

because you help others. 👍

by the way, I respect you brother. It’s not easy to get this *&^%$ Knowledge! [Secret Strategy for my Private Clietnts].

The things that you told me is so easy.. The knowledge that you share is REALLY POWERFUL..

– Shakir, Webinar Attendees

"Azfarnism Attracted 40 People Consistently Every Single Night"

Mr. G Making $1,600 per week

RM 18,000 Sales (Cash Collected) Within 3 Days

From having RM 600 in the bank.


Within 3 days, they generated RM 18,000 in Sales (Cash Collected)

They Got To Move In To Their Dream Place

They have no money & struggling before they meet me. Now, they can afford to move to their dream place

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