Experience The Luxury Motorhome Special made For Malaysian

See this short video and experience how Maxus Motorhome can give you the Motorhome experience just like when you travel overseas

Have you ever Wonder How To Get A 'Complete' Motorhome For Yourself?

Don't Know How To Get A Motorhome

You don’t where you can get a Motorhome for yourself

Couldn't Find A Motorhome Design That Fit Your Lifestyle

Different people have different lifestyle. Therefore, different requirement. But, you couldn’t find a Motorhome that fit your lifestyle

Motorhome Too Expensive

The design of the Motorhome that you want might be toooo expensive

Don't Know The Specialised Service Centre for Motorhomes

You don’t know the Specialist service centre to maintain your Motorhome

Couldn't Find A Place To Build A Custom Motorhome With Good Quality

You couldn’t find a place to design the Motorhome according to your design

Too Long Waiting List To Get Your Dream Motorhome

You want a new Motorhome. But, the waiting list is sooo long.

You can get Brand New Maxus Motorhome within 3 months, once you confirmed the booking

Maxus Motorhome

A Motorhome specifically designed for Malaysians, with high quality finishing

Brand New

Get a Brand New Motorhome. FREE your mind from uncertainties, problems and headaches

Comes with Warranty

3 Years Warranty for the Car Parts. 1 Year Warranty for the House Part

Specialised Service Centre

We have minimum of 1 Service Centre in every state in Malaysia

Affordable Price

We brought down the price of Brand New Motorhome in Malaysia. Previously, to get a Brand New Motorhome in Malaysia. You will need RM 600,000 cash

Now, you can get a Brand New Motorhome for LESS THAN RM 400,000

Bank Financing

Bank will finance the Motorhome, up to 90% for 9 years. The loan rate is  competitive 

A New Vacation House That Is Mobile

Get a vacation house that can bring you to the village, beach or wherever that you want

Let's Go For A Test Drive

Test Drive Maxus Motorhome Now to get the full Experience

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