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See this short video and experience how Maxus Motorhome can give you the Motorhome experience just like when you travel overseas

Have you ever Wonder How To Build A 'Complete' Motorhome For Yourself?

Don't Know How To Get A Motorhome

You don’t where you can get a Motorhome for yourself

Couldn't Find A Motorhome Design That Fit Your Lifestyle

Different people have different lifestyle. Therefore, different requirement. But, you couldn’t find a Motorhome that fit your lifestyle

Motorhome Too Expensive

The design of the Motorhome that you want might be toooo expensive

Don't Know The Specialised Service Centre for Motorhomes

You don’t know the Specialist service centre to maintain your Motorhome

Couldn't Find A Place To Build A Custom Motorhome With Good Quality

You couldn’t find a place to design the Motorhome according to your design

Too Long Waiting List To Get Your Dream Motorhome

You want a new Motorhome. But, the waiting list is sooo long


You can get Brand New Maxus Motorhome within 3 months, once you confirmed the booking

Maxus Motorhome

A Motorhome specifically designed for Malaysians, with high quality finishing

Brand New

Get a Brand New Motorhome. FREE your mind from uncertainties, problems and headaches

Comes with Warranty

3 Years Warranty for the Car Parts. 1 Year Warranty for the House Part

Specialised Service Centre

We have minimum of 1 Service Centre in every state in Malaysia

Affordable Price

We brought down the price of Brand New Motorhome in Malaysia. Previously, to get a Brand New Motorhome in Malaysia. You will need RM 600,000 cash

Now, you can get a Brand New Motorhome for less than RM 400,000

Bank Financing

Bank will finance the Motorhome, up to 90% for 9 years. The loan rate is  competitive 

A New Vacation House That Is Mobile

Get a vacation house that can bring you to the village, beach or wherever that you want

What do They Say about Maxus Motorhome

Mat Dan ,TV3

Mr. Kamalrul Zaman

“Today, I come to pay my 3rd RV Motorhome

I have bought 3 RV Motorhomes (from www.iWantRV.com)

I have approached the owner, Mr Badrul. I thought he is a SCAMMER. Mr Badrul answer all the questions

Till today, all the deal with him is TIP TOP


The first unit I bought is the 2nd Batch of orders by the company

I am not confident to order during the 1st Batch

Even, during the 2nd Batch. I am still not that confident

Because we will need to pay upfront RM 40,000 – RM 50,000

And we cannot even see the unit

It’s very hard to explain about trusting them. But, you can join the Facebook and Telegram Community group

Then, you can see by yourself the motorhomes that they have succesfully brought in

Make sure you make your RV Motorhome dream come true

I have bought 3 RV Motorhomes from them. I give them 9.5/10 rating

Because they are very straight forward”

Mr. FT

“I just got my dream RV Motorhome

I have been following them (www.iWantRV.com) for 1 year plus

Then, I found the Motorhome that fit with what I want

Everything (the processes) are fast

Once you found the RV Motorhome that you like. You need to be fast.

If not, someone else will grab the RV Motorhome that you like very soon

I am very satisfied

Thank you for bringing my dream come true

I never see (in real life) my RV Motorhomes before I buy. I only see the RV Motorhomes on the phone

I see everyone in the group say, the SERVICE is GOOD

So, I trust them

That’s why I put the deposit (eventhough I have not meet them). Because I trust them

Because I have followed the group for 1 year plus

So, when the price is right. The spec is right

I hope the RV Motorhome is the right choice for me and my family

I haven’t got the car yet. But, I give them 8/10 rating”

Mr. KK

“We have view this RV Motorhome

The best thing is, we can CUSTOMISE the interior. We can remove stuff, add more stuff 

Just like the design that what we want and dream of

The handling is nice

The price is also affordable for us, Malaysian

Overall, this RV Motorhome is the best

Azfar is also the best. He bring the RV Motorhome to our house

8/10 Rating

I recommend to others. Even my neighbor also came just now (:”


Mr. Safri Said


I am happy I get to drive it”

Mr. AS

“I am EXCITED to get this RV Motorhome”

Mr. KA

“Driving Maxus V80 RV Motorhome felt just like driving other cars. Just like driving Vellfire

It is not hard to drive a Motorhome

The best thing about RV Motorhome is it felt just like bringing a home. We don’t have to think about hotels, or other accommodations

Whenever we are tired, we can just stop and rest. We can even have a good sleep inside the RV Motorhome

I give 8/10 rating for this Maxus V80 RV Motorhome

The interior looks very beautiful”


“The LATEST Way To Go Holiday”

Mr. NB and Ms. VW

“A few weeks ago, I just drove RV Motorhome “CD”, and also RV Motorhome “GH”. Both of the RV Motorhome is shaking whenever we go to a speed bump, or on an uneven road

The RV Motorhome CD is worse

However, when I drove this Maxus V80 RV Motorhome. It is very stable

I found that the spring and the absorber has been tailored specifically for this heavy car (Maxus V80 RV Motorhome)

That’s why it is very comfortable when you seat in the Maxus V80 RV Motorhome

I almost forget that I am driving a big car (Maxus V80 RV Motorhome)

I only remember that I am driving a big car when I look at the side mirror

I love it because it is brand new (compare to other RV Motorhomes available in Malaysia). The interior design suits the modern life that we are having now 

They also have bed at the top and the back of the Maxus V80 RV Motorhome. We love the bed at the back of the Maxus V80 RV Motorhome because we don’t have to climb

Because we are getting older, it is very hard to climb

The toilet is very big. The door is wide

When I want to go in, I can go straight. I don’t have to walk like a crab to go inside the Maxus V80 RV Motorhome

We can also custom made the interior, to be like your home

The best thing that we are MOST HAPPY about is the Customer Service

However hard the thing that I requested, Azfar smile. Most of the things, Azfar said okay

If it is not okay, Azfar say he will check. That one, I like

I give 9.8/10 rating for Azfar’s Customer Service

I said I want to test the Maxus V80 RV Motorhome to climb the hill. He bring me to climb the hill using Maxus V80 RV Motorhome

I requested for a steeper hill. Azfar brought me to the steeper hill

Thank you so much

Maxus V80 RV Motorhome is powerful when it come to climb the hill

If you want to buy RV Motorhome, buy from Azfar”

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Want to get the FULL Maxus RV Motorhome experience in Malaysia?

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frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you still not sure about Maxus Motorhome?

You can get more information from the FAQ listed below to help you make decision.

Maxus Motorhome can loan with banks, 90% for 9 years

Maxus Motorhome can fit 4-6 adults, depends on layout

Motorhome is meant for relax drive. However, we have tested that Maxus Motorhome can go up to 140 km/h

Absolutely, yes you can. Schedule a test drive with us at www.RVMaxus.com or call 011-1001 0121 straight away

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